Voice Acting

2016-04-04 14:41:34 by k7vin

I want to start getting more involved and start doing more collaborative stuffs so I'm gonna put together a voice reel.  I don't really think I'm all that good, so I'm not looking to make money, I just want to help out.  More info to come later I suppose



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2016-04-04 15:06:07

If your interested I happen to have a few more characters left for my DBZ sprite animation project that are still open for to those who wish to try out for a part. Here is the list of the characters I maybe still in need for people to play as. If you like to try out for any of them feel free to send me a sample to listen to and I'll let you know if you got the part. View my profile for more details on this project.

Goku - Frieza - Adult Gohan - Mr. Satan - Master Roshi - Captian Ginyu (Possible Taken)
Raditz - Fat Buu - Tien - Krillin - Whis - Babadi - Kid Buu - King Kai - King Yama - Suprem Kai - Elder Kia - Kabito

Good luck on your Demoreel.